Active becomes Active 120°: the table with a host of adjustments

Having the right posture throughout the day’s work and at all times is essential to prevent more or less serious harm to the joints and muscles…

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Make way for Jolly 155, more room for storage

How important is order and cleanliness in the productivity of work stations?

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AIR, a light touch

Homes reflect the personality of those who inhabit them, and people’s choice of furniture tells us a lot about them…

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Progetra | la brillante evoluzione dei metalli
Accuracy and talent, design: solid and versatile structures
and accessories, which make for a welcoming
and comfortable work environment.

Original cable box designed to meet whatever dimensional need may arise…

The same dimensions and finishings as Magic Top, Magic Block has different feature

Produced in steel, in folding process, completed with adjustable feet.