Make way for Jolly 155, more room for storage

How important is order and cleanliness in the productivity of work stations? In our opinion, it is fundamental to organise space and we firmly believe it necessary to keep workers’ concentration high so that they can achieve their objectives more effectively and without wasting time. Furthermore, order has always been synonymous with safety, especially where wiring is involved.
That’s why we have given extra thought to cable grommets featuring the good looks and functionality that distinguish Progetra products.

Jolly 155 is a development of the ‘Jolly’ cable grommet that is bigger (155mm) and meets the need for more space, order and comfort in the office. The new dimensions provide for the passage of cables/wiring for all the most modern devices connected to different sockets/inlets.
Two versions are available, a simple cable grommet with or without a brush, or a push/pull system and sockets incorporated into the cover. The first version also comes with two options: a multi plug adapter and tray.
Jolly 155 is available with an oxidised finish or painted in any colour.

See here: http://www.progetra.it/en/prodotti/cable-box/jolly-155/