Active becomes Active 120°: the table with a host of adjustments

Having the right posture throughout the day’s work and at all times is essential to prevent more or less serious harm to the joints and muscles, nowadays a much discussed topic regarding health and safety in the workplace.
Valid studies referring to health in the workplace confirm that suitable posture increases people’s wellbeing and their involvement in the company and its productivity.
For this reason we are honouring our commitment to producing adjustable tables that will provide even more comfortable, easier to use and customisable workstations that adapt to different physical and practical needs at different times in the day.

Active 120° joins our family of height-adjustable tables as a new structure with three supports (instead of two) so that users can create even more configurations and vary their posture at will during the working day.
The structure is in aluminium and steel and is raised by means of a one or two stage telescopic system controlled by a push button panel attached to the table top.
Available in any colour required.

See here: http://www.progetra.it/en/prodotti/height-adjustable-tables/active-120/