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Make an evolution out of necessity: find out our new dispenser holder

Following the Covid-19 emergency and to support the growing need for security in our workplaces, without sacrificing design and aesthetics, we have designed a new dispenser holder and/or PPE.

The structure is made of sheet metal, folded and painted, and it’s available in a wide range of colors. Furthermore, thanks to our internal painting department, we can make the totems of the color requested by the customer.

We offer two versions:
Model A: with two shelves for support only. Standard dimentions: 250x250mm, h 1200 mm.
Model B: with the possibility of installing automatic dispensers; the holes are made according to the type of dispenser chosen by the customer. Standard dimentions: 250x250mm, h 1200 mm.

In addition to the standard dimensions, totems can also be made with customized measures.

Find out more here: dispenser holder